Now that extreme temperatures are common place in Metropolitan areas as well as rural areas.

Basketball Victoria have introduced a “Heat Policy Rule” to reduce the risk of heat stroke or cardiac problems on extreme days.

Smallaire have been working closely with Managers and local councils to reduce or eliminate the need for this rule to have to be implemented therefore not having to send home visiting basketball associations that have traveled some distance to compete.

The heat policy rule is as follows:-

If temp exceeds 35 deg C game time must be shortened.

If temp exceeds 40 deg C the game must be called off.


With the correct sizing, the Smallaire Commercial Jumbo unit can reduce the ambient temperature by 12-14degC.

Therefore if ambient temp reaches 40degC the inside temp in the stadium will be around 28degC.

We have feedback from previous basketball association’s where we have installed these units, that the revenue from not cancelling game and turning away players and spectators has paid for the units after a couple of season.