Smallaire manufacture a wide range of custom built and designed air movement solutions.

Scroll down to review some projects that we’ve worked on to meet specific outcomes for clients using our core components with additional metal work.

Miller Contractors Quarry Dust Extractor

We were approached by Jay Miller (Miller Contractors) owner of Tucker’s Hill Quarry, as he required a solution to an OH & S issue that was cause for concern.

There was fine rock dust blowing from the hopper and covering the employees which presented that concern.

Smallaire designed a system which drew the dust back through the system, applied a mist to the dust, to make it wet enabling it to settle on the ground, which also saved the rock dust from being wasted. This was then able to be scooped up and put back into the hopper to add to the stockpile.

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Precooling Refrigerated Airconditioner in Extreme Heat

A research facility was having issues with their refrigerated airconditioning that played a critical role in the operations of the organisation. The installation was overloading when critical temperatures were reached and our team installed a pre-cooling system which stopped the heat overload automatic shut down from occurring.

precooling 1
precooling 2
precooling 3

Horticultural Sprayers

Pastro-Custom AG approached us to utilise our air movement IP in their range of  OPTIMUS sprayers.

The system was designed to give even air distribution over multi-row spraying, utilising Smallaire constructed hydraulically driven fans powered via an on-board hydraulic power pack. The aim was to produce a highly efficient outcome by supplying very high air speed through the air diffusers into the targeted zone.

sprayers 1
sprayers 2
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sprayers 4

Flower Harvesting

Initial thinking when putting flower harvesting and air movement in the same sentence, there is a level of resistance.

Smallaire worked with our client to develop a custom solution to the challenge they faced. Below is their response.

“When I needed advice on air movement options for my flower harvester, Smallaire was an obvious choice for me. Jock & Michael provided quality, timely advice, created the relevant technical drawings and then fabricated the suction & settling chambers. I would happily recommend their services”

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