Smallaire have been exporting air seeder components (also known as air drill components) and other products including PPV’s to Canada, America, China, Finland, Russia, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, New Caledonia, Netherlands and South Africa for over 23 years.

For more information about using Smallaire products and components retrofitted to your existing equipment or as OEM components please contact us here to discuss any customisations to meet your specific needs.

Some examples of our working with overseas manufacturers.

OEM Products

As a manufacturer of seeding equipment there are various options available to you for the key seed distribution systems.

Smallaire provide a complete computer programmed solution for airseeders / air-drills designed as an OEM solution customised to meet your specific needs.

Some of the key attributes of our products include:

  • Numerous combinations of inlets and outlets
  • Custom built venturis to suit any system
  • Primary and secondary heads available in 25, 32, 38, 45, 51 and 63 mm
  • Removable rubber cap
  • 12 month warranty
  • High quality seeder hose available
  • Components are formed from durable 1.6mm mild steel
  • Smooth design for optimum performance and efficiency
  • Available in kit form to reduce freight costs and storage
  • At least more than double the life on plastic type components
  • Flexibility of colour coding to match your equipment

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Research & Development

Since the first evaporative airconditioner was constructed by Gary Small in 1974, research and development has been a driving force behind all of the products available to you.

What drives this R&D is customer needs … customers asking “can you do this?”

Questions such as this challenge us to discover how to best meet their needs, and in more efficient ways to design and construct the final product outcome, along with ongoing refinement.

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