Smallaire is a family-owned and operated business which commenced business in 1974 and it’s current direction was in response to the long hot Wimmera summers.

As Gary said … ‘‘I didn’t like the heat and I thought I’d build a couple of coolers for myself. That worked pretty well. A few friends then bought them and it snowballed after that.”

The business is built around the needs of each individual client and their circumstances relating to air movement, be it agricultural, commercial or domestic.

What began as a local business now caters for clients across Australia and overseas, including Russia, the United States, Holland, South Africa and more.

Business expansion demanded that we develop a new manufacturing facility, offices and display area which were completed in 2006.

All products manufactured by Smallaire are the creative inspiration of our research and development team and company founder, managing director Gary Small.

Refrigerated cooling and heat pump facilities from Mitusbishi are also able to be integrated into your existing or new facilities.

The Smallaire Story…

Agriculture Providing Major Boost to Smallaire

Worldwide agricultural demand is helping drive success for Horsham business Smallaire

The Wimmera Business of the year, and regional air movement specialist is undergoing a $500,000 expansion, driven strongly by its airseeder product.

The State Government is providing $100,000 to support the family company’s expansion, prompting a visit from Regional Development and Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford

Ms Pulford said the Government was providing the money through its Regional Jobs Fund to help stimulate growth and create jobs.

Smallaire, which started as a tank-building enterprise at rainbow, expanded into air-conditioners and now, with a workforce of 19, manufactures air-movement products for a variety of uses.

A shift into air-seeding technology has proved a dynamic move and helped the company establish a worldwide market. It now exports products too many countries

One of the byproducts of the expansion will be Smallaire exploiting its strong manufacturing position involving air-seeder products, to supplying fully integrated air-seeder kits.

Ms Pulford said during her Horsham visit that Smallaire was a proud Horsham business and a market leader.

This $500,000 investment that Smallaire is making is going to mean jobs for eight more people, which is wonderful for the local community,” she said.

“This is a business that is doing really exciting things, particularly in terms of reaching into new export markets a lot of custom-made products. Clearly Smallaire is held in exceptionally high regard by its customers. It’s a wonderful Horsham manufacturing story and one that is growing. It’s really exciting.

”We’re proud to support this innovative business in its plans to increase production capability.”

Source: Weekly Advertiser and Paul Carracher

From Left: Lolita Small: Smallaire Director and Joint Owner. Jock Baker: Smallaire General Manager. Jaala Pulford: Victorian Agriculture & Regional Development Minister

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