The principal is the same as in an evaporative air conditioner, but in this situation, the grain is the wet filter.

Benefits of a Smallaire grain aeration system.

  • Your crop can be harvested with some green patches in it and higher moisture content without the risk of spoiling.
  • Start harvesting earlier in the season, earlier in the day and continue later into the night.
  • Harvesting grain with higher moisture content assists in the cooling cycle, it is the same principle as an evaporative airconditioner, but in this case the grain is the wet filter.
  • Insect and vermin will be minimized, possibly eliminated and chemicals are not required to keep insects out.


When the fan is connected to two silos, the static pressure is reduced by four times, this converts the static pressure back into velocity pressure, increasing air flow and lowering air temperature.

(This is based on Simple Fan Laws)

Bunker Tarpfast

Fumigation System

Auto Temperature/ Humidity Controller

Grain Probe

Multi Silo Manifold

Aeration Pleniums

Grain Dryer and Aerator

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