Needing to update air flow on your air seeder for the coming season? Exapta has good inventory of Smallaire products that are huge improvements over OEM.

Especially if you have the older Deere J-bolt style riser and outlet heads. The Smallaire riser pipe has a larger elbow so as not to restrict air flow (think high performance exhaust) and dimples in the pipe help to keep seed spacing even, instead of bunching up in clumps with the straight pipes. Available in both stainless and painted steel.

Smallaire outlet heads are dome shaped with a cone cap instead of flat to direct flow to the secondaries more efficiently. Exapta currently stocks four-outlet up to 12-outlet, heads.

While you’re replacing metal, consider updating the hoses. We have both 2.5” primary and 1” secondary hose in 100ft rolls. They are lined with polyurethane for 2-3x the life of OEM hose while having see-through spirals to make it easier to find blockages in the field. Secondary rolls are $305.00 and primary rolls are $795.00