How do they work?

Fresh air is cooled by being drawn through a water filtration system, breezing through your entire home by concealed ductwork to provide a comfortable temperature. This form of cooling is the most natural way for you and the environment. If you have allergies, this is the way to go!
No stale air is recycled, fresh air is constantly exchanged by having windows open to flow air from your home. The water filtration system removes pollen, foreign bodies and dust to give you healthy, clean air.


Our range of outlets includes multi-directional ceiling registers, two way wall registers and commercial plenums, for maximum design options.

Backdraft Shutter System

When the unit is not in operation the Smallaire backdraft shutter system remains closed to prevent heat loss in winter and drafts from dislodging closed vents.

Advanced Wall Control

Our electronic timer and thermostat control guarantees a cooler, more comfortable climate in your home.

Simply program the no fuss system to your needs and the thermostat will automatically turn the unit on and off as required. This control also operates with a manual override.

The best part about this control is you only have to set it once and forget about it for the whole of the summer.


Smallaire use 100mm thick panels and the size and height of the pads are larger than most of our competitors. This means that water flowing through the panels have a larger area to cover, making the air entering your home much cooler.

Water Management System

The Smallaire bleed-off system is simple, no fuss and extremely reliable. It does not waste water by dumping it or need electronic components to operate. As it operates water can be recycled and used on your garden. Simply run the water through a dripper or mister onto the garden. Therefore water is not wasted by dumping it on your roof.

Note: This system must operate whenever the unit is on and ensure that the dripper or mister is not placed where it can damage building foundations or other facilities by changing moisture conditions

Components & Construction

Smallaire’s Axial Fan

Since 1974 Gary Small has been improving on the design and efficiency of fans for these systems.

CSIRO testing confirms that they are 79% efficient … one of the leaders on the market.

This means that lower wattage motors are used, less power is consumed and less noise created.

Marine Grade Aluminium Frame

The Smallaire frame is constructed from high quality Marine Grade Aluminium, powder coated for durability. We offer a choice of colours to coordinate with your home colour scheme using the full Colourbond range as standard.

Outlets – Droppers – Ducting

All sheetmetal ducting is lined with 12mm insulation and our high quality flexible duct is insulated a

Outlets include

  • multi directional ceiling registers,
  • two way wall registers
  • commercial plenums

All sheet metal used is lined with 12mm insulation and all flexible ducting is insulated and fire rated to Australian Standards


  • High quality, durable frame available in a range of colours
  • Efficient axial fan
  • Simple reliable bleed system
  • Advanced wall control
  • Highly efficient fan using less electricity and creating less noise
  • 10 year frame warranty and 2 year component guarantee

Models and Specifications

EB 10 EB 15 EB 25 EB 30
Air Output – CM/H 8,500 10,200 14,000 17,000
Air Output – L/S 2,360 2,840 3,800 4,700
Air Output – CFM 5,000 6,000 8,000 10,000
Watts 425 425 550 750
Size 900x 900x 670 900x 900x 670 900x 900x 850 990x 990x 1090
Area Up to 15 squares Up to 18 squares Up to 28 squares Up to 33 squares


Smallaire EB series has a limited 10 year frame and 2 year component guarantee. This illustrates how confident we are with our evaporative air conditioners. We pride ourselves in maintaining the quality that everybody deserves. Smallaire is an Australian owned and operated company and proud to be exporting overseas, achieiving worldwide recognition.

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