The blower kit is designed to blow air over the Slasher where stubble residue and dust lay, these build ups can cause over- heating gearboxes and may result in devastation.

Cheap insurance to help prevent your Slasher catching fire!

  • Reduce Labour costs
  • Fire & Danger Prevention
  • Cleaning down time to a minimum
  • Could save on Insurance Premiums
  • Helps to prevent gear box failures

Can you afford not to have this on one of your main investments?
These Blower kits are cost effective as your maintenance & clean down time would be less than half, allowing you to be more productive.

We took delivery of a new Gason stubble mulcher in 2012 and realised we had to try and keep the gear boxes and deck free from stubble and dirt build up to prevent overheating and fires. Smallaire supplied me with a blower kit, 12 outlet manifold and air trumpets which I fitted myself very easily with little trouble. The system has worked exceptionally well over the past seasons, and we haven’t had any issues what so ever with build ups of any kind, plus it keeps the slasher totally clean which makes it easy to maintain.

Roger Thamm
Farmer, Pimpinio, Victoria


  • Highly efficient
  • Light weight
  • Easy fit
  • Various Kit packages available
  • Custom units available
  • Strong steel construction
  • Powder coated for durability
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Locally Designed & Manufactured

Kit Options

  • Blower unit –Three sizes available
  • Large self cleaning intake screen
  • 10, 12 and 16 Outlet kits available
  • Adjustable wide fan jets
  • Custom kits available to suit your specific requirements

Insurance Premium

Check with your Insurance agent for possible Premium Reductions by having this fire preventative solution in place.

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