Tarpfast your Bunker this season

The Tarpfast blower works by creating a negative pressure under bunker tarps there- fore sucking the tarp to the grain, this stops the tarp from flapping and tearing in windy conditions savings on grain spoilage, costly tarp repairs and down labour time.

Can you afford NOT to have a Smallaire Tarpfast on your bunkers this season?

Do the Math…

  • Torn Tarps
  • Spoilt Grain
  • Labour Costs
  • Down Time
  • Dangerous conditions
  • Peace of mind

I would highly recommend the Smallair tarpfast. After having used these units for several years at Moore Bulk Storage Horsham, we have found that our tarps last longer and suffer no ripping or ballooning in windy conditions. I believe these units have prevented any tarp losses in server winds.

The other benefits of these units are, compact design and low power consumption, with a 1/3 horse power motor capable of holding a 10,000 tonne bunker tarp.

Brett Moore – Moore Bulk Haulage


  • Strong galvanized construction
  • Highly efficient
  • Low running cost
  • Light weight
  • Choice of Electric, Petrol & Diesel
  • Portable
  • Full Kit packages
  • Custom units available
  • 12 Month Warranty

The Standard Tarpfast Kit

What is included?

  • Blower Stand, 1.6mm galvanized construction
  • Suction plenum, 1mm galvanized construction
  • 5 meters of 200mm Extractaflex Hose
  • 200mm Duct end connector
  • 200mm Lever Lock
  • Roll Duct Tape


10,000 Tonne bunker tarp cost $38,500 (approx.)

Tarp lifespan is at least 3 times more with a Tarpfast

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