Smallaire Jumbo Systems – Meeting Space and Efficiency Demands

Jumbos are a mighty 60 % cost-effective to run and 60 % more environmentally friendly than roof-package units.

If you have large production facilities, factory or sporting facility then this is the system to use.

Making cement, fitting tyres, repairing cars or motor cycles can be more than uncomfortable.

Moving air ensures productivity and comfort are not compromised.

Designed specifically for the commercial market possessing large open areas, the Smallaire Jumbo evaporative airconditioner is wall-mounted and easy to install. Commonly used in sports stadiums, factories, glass houses, warehouses, department stores and packaging sheds, the Jumbo comes with a 12 month warranty and is available in a range of colours.

As an evaporative air-conditioner, the wall-mounted Jumbo, free of expensive ducting and air-diffusers, harnesses the forces of nature to transform the atmoshere inside hot, cold or stifling sheds and stadiums into places of comfort.


  • Cools about 400m2 of floor area, depending on roof height
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Wall Mounted
  • No roof penetration, walkways etc
  • Single or 3 phase 1.1kw
  • Colourbond Colours available
  • Height 2350mm, Width 2150mm, Depth 1000mm
  • Weight (total) 190Kg
  • Fan opening size 1,385 x 1,385mm
  • Free Air Discharge 22,574 CFM – 38,376 CMH
  • No extras required ie.ducting, expensive diffusers
  • Automatic backdraft dampers included
  • Also available as a portable unit
  • Stainless steel fan
  • A-section belt drive
  • Australian Made in Horsham Victoria
  • All Jumbo Systems can be customised specifically for your needs – call us to discuss

Environmentally Friendly

Cost Effective


It’s often clever applications of simple formulas that help us overcome the most difficult and potentially costly of problems. It’s a philosophy that rings true with Smallaire and its Jumbo airconditioner.

Smallaire’s Jumbo units, with the potential of cooling a floor area of up to 400 square metres, work with nature to control the air-flow and atmoshere of large indoor areas.

Because they work with simple elements of air and water, the units require relatively little energy to be highly efficient. This means they are an obvious environmental choice.

Smallaire, proudly manufacturing and promoting Australian-Made products since 1974, has used environmental and economic principals as driving motivations behind the Jumbo.

In understanding customer needs, it also offers considerable back-up services and colour choices. The Jumbo has a 12 month warranty and comes in standard colours of Merino, Gull Grey, Polar White and Wilderness. Other colours are also available.

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