Smallaire Multi Silo Grain Aeration Systems

The principal is the same as in an evaporative air conditioner, but in this situation, the grain is the wet filter.

Smallaire Grain Drying FanBenefits of a Smallaire grain aeration system.

  • Your crop can be harvested with some green patches in it and higher moisture content without the risk of spoiling.
  • Start harvesting earlier in the season, earlier in the day and continue later into the night.
  • Harvesting grain with higher moisture content assists in the cooling cycle, it is the same principle as an evaporative airconditioner, but in this case the grain is the wet filter.
  • Insect and vermin will be minimized, possibly eliminated and chemicals are not required to keep insects out.


When the fan is connected to two silos, the static pressure is reduced by four times, this converts the static pressure back into velocity pressure, increasing air flow and lowering air temperature.

(This is based on Simple Fan Laws)

Grain Dryer and Aerator

This Smallaire system is designed to install into existing Sheds and Silos - Elevated & Flat Bottomed


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  • Strong pressed steel casing
  • Durable hot dipped galvanized finish (Powder coated option is available upon request).
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Beautifully balanced for no vibration (electric)
  • Competitive prices
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • One fan can be moved to other sites with plenum fitted (saves on multiple blowers).
  • Diesel fired heaters are also available for faster drying.


Grain Aeration Plenums

Air is introduced under plenum fitted horizontally across the bottom of the silo. When the silo is full, underneath the plenum is open airspace. The air is forced down then up the cone, spreading to the walls for even distribution through the silo. The same plenum is suitable for all cone bottom silos. 3M (10ft) diameter to 9M (30ft).

Silo Diagram

Types of plenums available

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Perforated Flat floor ducting


Top view of plenum in silo


Multi Silo Manifold 


A multi manifold set up allows you to have the blower connected in one position then gives the user the ability to turn on and off which silo's you want to aerate at the one time.
Multi Silo Manifold for grain drying by Smallaire


The Grain Probe is designed to enable the user to measure the grain temperature inside the silo by the use of a digital readout. It also gives you ambient temperature and humidity readings outside the silo.


  • No need to get inside the GrainProbe2silo for temperature readings
  • Gives you the ambient temperatures outside the silo to know when to turn your blower on/off.
  • Easy Installation
  • Kit form






Allows you to set humidity and temperature for drying grain in the best climatic conditions. Then reset the dials for aeration to blow cold, dry air through the grain.

We stock the most inexpensive controller on the market and the only one with the humidity and temperature functions all in one. Take all the guesswork out of grain drying and you can get on to other jobs while the fans are monitored by the controller. The unit is fully portable and only the size of a shoe box.


The Smallaire FUMIGATION SYSTEM is designed to vent air through silos and is required to be recirculated from the bottom of the silo through to the top of the silo and back to the 80 LPS fan.

No more placing phosphine tablets directly into the grain source, with the use of the Fumigator the tablets are placed in the tray provided and once the tablets are spent the powder form drops through the mesh grate ready for a mess free disposal also no residue left in the grain.

The Smallaire Fumigation System includes two key components